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eTBA brings several areas of expertise together to deliver the missing link in Decision Support Systems . Our consultants integrate operations expertise, diverse software proficiency, and external database sources to produce cost-effective Executive Information solutions. Our turnkey systems: Labor Segmentation, Product Cost Management, and Diverse Systems Integration,  which bring about immediate and verifiable results, leverage the sizable investment made in existing Decision .

No system can operate in a vacuum and almost every system must be populated with information from databases or patient information. By connecting parts of your existing computing environment to a Diverse System Integration solution from eTBA, your hospital could reach cost reductions and cash enhancements in a short period of time. Furthermore, most of our products have a common Charge Master Standardization engine that makes them compatible


Our consultants are highly experienced individuals who bring a high level of expertise and personal attention to clients.  With an average experience of over 10 years in industry, we cover a broad range of healthcare disciplines including decision support systems, executive information systems, and


We are focused on improving and automating your Decision Support and Executive Information systems and processes. We are particularly focused on the areas of systems planning, flexible budgeting, and cost management. Our service line includes Product Cost Management, System Planning, Fixed/Variable Cost Analysis, Flexible Budgeting, Executive Reporting, as